Minutes 01/19/2019

Atkins Class of 1968

Meeting Minutes 1/19/19 




North Point Grill


Reverend Charles Kennedy

Called to Order for business by


President Sylvia Berry Gwyn


Andrea Bush, Bernard Carree, Claudette Douglas, Edison Carter Sylvia Berry Gwyn, Harretta Duncan, Thomas Hicks, Annie Howard, Charles Kennedy, Don Lawrence, Clem Mauney, Carlyle McClinton Jr., Charles Kennedy, Thomas Hicks, Annie Howard, and Robert Williams


 Teleconference: Donald Jackson, Linda Jackson, Walter Jackson and Future Williams

New President’s Address

Sylvia stated that she is humbled and honored to be elected as the Class President for the 2019-2023 term. She said that an agenda has not been set for the upcoming years but expressed some thoughts and ideas:

  • Theme: Love One Another. (Let’s respect each other; no big I and little you; respectfully agree to disagree).
  • There is no Class of 1968 without your involvement: We are a group of volunteers therefore your thoughts and your bodies.
  • Involve as many classmates as we can by developing a networking committee to connect graduates where they are.  A rep from each area to join in our conference call and disseminate to others in area or maybe form Atkins Class of 1968 chapters.  Biggest challenge:  Winston-Salem.


  • Accept the challenge issued by our banquet speaker, Joycelyn Johnson, to set up a scholarship fund.


  • Do greater things in the community (volunteer activities etc)


Automate more (use of social media and more automation of processes)



Status of Treasury

Beginning balance is $1,358.35 as of today not included are funds collected today.

Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes

Minutes were read. Motion made and properly 2nd to adopt minutes as read. Motion carried.

Agenda  Topic: Unfinished Business


Election of Officers


The following Officers were elected to serve for 2019-2023 Term:


Vice President-Don Lawrence


Financial Secretary-Clementine (Clem) Vaughn Mauney


Treasurer-Bernard Carree


Assistant Treasurer-Carlyle McClinton[O1] 


Sargent-At-Arms-Thomas Hicks

Action Items

Person(s) Responsible


Nomination is still opened for the positions of Assistant Secretary and Assistant Financial Secretary  


Next meeting or until all positions are filled.

Update on status of reunion DVD\ Mailing of packages

Thomas Hicks and Sylvia Gwyn reported that after a review of the submitted DVD some suggested changes were submitted to the videographer for revision. This has delayed the mailing of reunion bags to classmates who paid but were unable to attend the reunion. Once the DVD is complete and approved the mailing of bags and DVD to other out of town eligible classmates will begin. Distribution to local eligible classmates[O2]  will be coordinated.

Action Items

Person Responsible


Follow up with Terry regarding completion of DVD

Thomas Hicks

Report at next meeting 2/16/19

New Business

Recommended by website committee that we Purchase a Bluetooth Speaker for use during meetings for telephone conferees

It was stated that this will enable all persons to hear everything that is being said without having to repeat. It was moved and properly 2nd that we purchase the Bose Bluetooth speaker and carrying case at a cost of $151.89. The motion was carried.

Action Items

Person Responsible


Check to be written today to Thomas Hicks to order speaker.

Speaker to be ordered prior to next meeting

Annie Sims Howard

Thomas Hicks



Suggested ongoing/special  committees in addition to Website and Benevolence Committees

Meeting Site- It was motioned and 2nd that we continue to meet at Northpoint Grill at 2pm every 3rd Saturday. Motion carried. No need for this committee.

It was motioned and 2nd to established the following committees:

Budget (yearly establish a working budget)



Special Events (To plan socials, charity/volunteer projects, reunions, etc.)


It was also motioned and 2nd that we will follow a 2yr/3yr plan for Class and Reunion functions beginning now. (Function every 2yrs and reunion every 3yrs) Motion was carried.






Action Items

Person Responsible


Seek volunteers and chairs for each committee

Class of 1968




Honoring outgoing officers

It was moved and properly 2nd that we will do something to properly honor the outgoing officers.

Action Items

Person Responsible






Open discussion












Action Items

Person Responsible






Special Prayer: For Linda Vaughn Gunthrope and Family- Husband is in Palliative Care at Forsyth Hospital; Linda Duncan Jackson is having surgery next week; Cynthia Gunnings Harold who had surgery last week and the family of Dr. Manderline Scales.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Make it a point to attend some celebratory event or perform an act of kindness that day.


  Next Meeting:  February 16                              2:00 PM                                    North Point Grill




Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance – $1358.35


Total Amount Received Today- $180.00

Amount of Checks Written Today- $151.89


Ending balance- $1386.46


Received From

$15 each- Bernard Carree, Edison Carter, Claudette Douglas, Ruby Griffin, Annie Howard, Charles Kennedy, Don Lawrence, Clementine Mauney, Carlyle McClinton and Robert Williams =$150

$ 30- Andrea Bush





Checks Written To:

Thomas Hicks-$150.89 (For Bose Speaker)





Action Items

Person Responsible


Write Approved Check

Annie Sims Howard

Today (1/19/19)



Motion was made and 2nd to adjourn. Motion carried. Closed with prayer by Rev. Robert Williams.





Submitted by,


Claudette Amos Douglas