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AHS Updated User Guide

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The class website was upgraded in May of 2020 to the latest software from our website vendor, Class Creator. Upgrading to the new software allows for a better visual experience. This primer is intended to provide you with a description of how to use some of the options classmates will need to maintain their profile and contact information. It also has information for other options you may find useful in navigating the website.

When you reach our AHS Class of 1968 login web page the following is displayed:

Join/Log Into Class Website

In order to login to the website you must be a registered classmate. If you do not have a registered user id you must "Join" the class website.  To Join the class website click the "Join Here" option to register.


In the Join Here dialog box select "Click here now" to begin the registration process. When "click here now" is selected the Member Wizard appears and you should follow the instructions for completing your registrations.  The Member Wizard is a 4 step registration process. Once you have completed the registration process an email is sent to the site administrator for verification and approval of your registration.


Member Wizard Step 1 of 4: Contact Info

Once a site adminstrator has approved your registration request you may now login to the class website.

After logging into the website the following web page is displayed:


You will notice on the the web page above 3 icons.

The person icon replaces member  functions located on the left side of the web page

The bell icon, referred to as the Alert icon, notifies you when  an alert message is ready for viewing.

The envelope  icon is where you can view messages posted in the Message Forum. If you have Alerts or Messages the number of alerts or messages awaiting your review is shown in a red circle above each icon.

As noted earlier the person icon lists the functions classmates can perform. Each function is described below:

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Member Functions

MEMBER FUNCTION: Class Connection

This feature displays a screen to allow you to login into Facebook.



This feature lists the status of all messages you have received and allows you to compose a new message. Notice below Threads are used to facilitate conversations between classmates. A thread is created for each new message composed and submitted by a classmate. All replies to the same message are kept in there own repository referred to as a thread.
You may select the order of how your messages are displayed by clicking the down arrow and selecting from the dropeown list the sort order for displaying your messages. If you want to start or add a message thread select the Compose New Message option. to tnter your message.

If you want to add your comments to a message select the Compose New Message option to enter your message. All messages posted are visible to all classmates.

Compose Message

 There are 4 messages types, Unread, Read/Unresponded, Responded and New Response. Clicking a message type will show all messages associated for the message type selected.

How to send a private message to a classmate(s).

If you wish to send a private message to a classmate in the message thread select the picture of the person you want to send the message (if there is no picture of the person availabe a person icon is shown).

Click on the person's picture or the picture icon , in this example Cheryl's picture is displayed.

When I select Cheryl's picture her pictures will display and below her pictures you will see the following:  Enter a Subject. Enter your message into the textbox Once you have finished typing your message click the Send Private Message link. Your message is sent to the email on record for the classmates  in classes  membership database.


Choosing this feature will allow you to view all of the contact information you entered on your contact information page. You can change your contact information anytime you wish. An example of the information you enter on the Contact Info page is below. 

Be sure to click the SAVE CHANGES tab at the bottom of the page when you have finished updating you contact information. Your changes will not be saved if you do not select the SAVE CHANGES tab.


Choosing this options allow you to view all of the information you entered into your profile page. You can change your profile information anytime you wish. You should enter the information in your profile you want to share with classmates. This option also allows you to add photos and videos to your profile. When the Edit Profile option is selected the following page is displayed. 

To add photos to your profile select the Click TO Add Photos button. Selecting this option opens an Upload dialog box. Selecting the Upload button brings up your most recent directory of files you have opened. If the directory opened when the add photos tab is selected and the photos you wish to add are not shown you will need to navigate to  the directory where the photos are stored.  If you want to add a video the video has to reside on a social media platforms (YouTube & Vimeo only). Selecting The Add Video tab opens a dialog box where you will enter the URL for the video you wish to add. Check the Show This Change as Profile to notify classmates your profile has been updated. Checking this box also updates the Profile Updates box on the home page.

Be sure to click the SAVE CHANGES tab at the bottom of the page when you have finished updating your contact information. Your changes will not be saved if you do not select the SAVE CHANGES tab.


When you have information you think would be of interest to classmates, you can create your own announcement. The announcement will be forwarded to the administrator who approves and places on the Home Page.

If you wish to change your password, click on CHANGE PASSWORD under Member Functions. A page with 3 sections for you to fill in will appear.

  1. Type in your PRESENT password.
  2. Type in your NEW password. A password must have at least five (5) characters.
  3. Type in your NEW password a second time.
  4. Click on SAVE button.

If you forget your password, click on the forgot password below your log-in email name, and it will be emailed to you.


The majority of users select the "stay logged in" option when they log in. Therefore, they will always be logged onto the site until they click the LOG OUT link under Member Functions.
When somebody selects the option to stay logged in, our system allows the user to bypass the login screen when they come back to the site. If you LOG OUT, the next time you will need to enter your email address and password to get into the site. Also, if you access the site from a different computer (for example a laptop), you will need to reenter your email address and password next time you use your main computer.

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Attend a Class Meeting Using Free Conference Calling:

Classmates can attend monthly class meetings by dialing the phone number and entering the access codes listed below. You will be added to the monthly class meetings conference phone call. Below are the instructions for dialing into the monthly meeting:

Dial (515)606-5334

Enter Access Code 652692 followed by the #


Additional Options On the Left Side Of the Webpages:

On the left side of the webpages are additional options you can select. The left side options under the photo are:


Message Forum

Although there are other options on the left side of the webpage the most frequently used is the "Message Forum " option. to communicate with classmates.                                      

Message Forum Option

The Message Forum Option allows you to communicate with your classmates by posting messages all classmates can view or send a private message to an individual classmate or selected classmates. When you select the Message Forum option the following screen appears:

The Message Fourm option allows you to post a mesage and view messages posted by classmates. At the top of the page under the Message Forum page title you have the option of viewing the newest messages at the top or selecting the option to view the oldest messages at the bottom. To respond to a posted message or to post a new message select the Post Response button. When you select the Post Response button the following screen appears:

Enter you message into the Text Area. There are 3 areas on this display labeled 1, 2 and 3. The area labeled 1 is used to add pictures to your text area, paste text from word or paste plain copied text into the text area. The area label 2 allows you to apply attributes, i.e Bold, Underline, Alignment etc. This area also includes an option allowing you to place a link to an item in your response. To enter a link to an item you want to share select the link icon which resembles a paper clip on it's side. Selecting the link icon displays an area where you can past the URL of the item you wish to share. Area 3 allows you to select how the text is displayed . Area 3 has the font styles available, size of the font, text color selection, spellchecker and an option to place a YouTube video in your response. Once you have completed entering your text select the submit button at the bottom of the page to post your message or response.

Classmate Profiles. Profiles is a feature that sends you an email anytime a classmate adds new or changes information on their Profile Page. This is the easy way to keep up with your classmates. you can also use the Classmate Profile option to follow a classmate.Classmates Using

How to Follow Classmates :

  1. Click on Classmate Profiles and a list of all classmates and guests will appear. Next to each name is a box.
  2. Click on the box for the classmate you wish to follow and the profile for the classmate will appears. Next to the picture of the classmate, if there is a picture, you will see the following:
  3. Click on Classmate Profiles and a list of all classmates and guests will appear. Next to each name is a box.
  4. Click on the box the classmate you wish to follow and the profile for the classmate will appears. Next to the picture of the classmate, if there is a picture, you will see the following:

Classmate Name and the option of Following/ Following Name of classmate. If you are not currently following the classmate and would like to follow a classmate select "Following Name of Classmate" option. If following a classmate and you wish to top following the classmate Select "Following" option.

Adding Photos to your Profile:
To add photos to your profile you must be able to locate exactly where the picture is on your computer. Most of the time, it will be in the folder titled Pictures or MY PICTURES. Follow the directions below for adding, deleting, and editing photos.

How to upload pictures to your web page: 

  1. You can upload .JPEG, .GIF, .bpm and .pg files, but not .tiff.
  2. Shortcut for multiple pictures: If you are uploading several pictures that are in different folders, you can copy them to your desktop, then delete them later. Make sure you COPY, not move, your pictures, so you won’t delete the originals. 

How to put a YOU TUBE video on your profile page: 

On the YouTube website, make sure your video is showing in the play box.

Example: you want to put "Graduation Day By The Four Freshmen" video on your site. (If you want to follow along, the URL is  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOVOllNHSis.)  

To the right of the video you’ll see a gray box, and near the bottom of this box is the grayed word “Embed.” To the right of "Embed" is a horizontal white box that contains the code for the video. When this code is placed  in the Video box on your Edit Profile page, the video player with your video will appear and classmates can view it from your page. 

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Hopefully this primer will help you navigate the class website. If you have any questions about how to use our website contact Mary Gore Thompson (mgtg1950@yahoo.com ), Future Williams  (3472726504@tmomail.net) or Walt Jackson (wj.jackson@sbcglobal.net ).

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