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Minutes 2/18/22


Summary of Minutes

Atkins Class of 1968

Monthly Meeting February 2022


Meeting Called to order by President Sylvia Gwyn at 2:06 PM


Prayers was offered by Reverend Robert Williams


Class Members present:

  • Sylvia Gwyn, President
  • Don Lawrence, Vice President
  • Bernard Carree, Treasurer; Thomas Hicks; Future Williams; Walter Jackson; Blondie Butler Glen; Ruby Cole; Robert Williams; Linda Gunthrope; Donald Jackson; Andrea Mickle Bush; Thomas Hanes


  • President Gwyn inquired of Treasurer Carree: what the balance of the Class Treasury was as of the meeting date. Response: $4,057.45


  • Committee Report & Discussion:


The Class discussed a Proposal to make a donation to Winston-Salem Black Firefighters, Mr. Robert Grier & Mr. Willie Carter for the Firefighter Academy Housed at Forsyth Technical School, which has programs at Glenn H. S. & Walkertown H.S. on the occasion of Mr. Grier’s 100th Birthday. The Class voted to donate $500 for (2) Academy scholarships and Certificates of Membership in the Atkins Class of 1968.


  •  Benevolence Cards were sent to Class members who recently lost Family members: Lanettra Banner lost her Mother & Andrea Bush lost her Niece.


  • The Class approved the Minutes for the November 2021 meeting.


  • President Gwyn reiterated the need to have all Committee Reports available to the class in time for Monthly Class meetings.


  • The WEB Committee, Chaired by Thomas Hicks provided a Update on the use of the Otter.AL app to provide Automated Recording and Transcription of the Class Minutes for the Class website. The Class is utilizing this software for 6-months on a trial basis with funding from Walt Jckson.


  • A discussion was initiated regarding the need for a  Cash App Card and a Post Office Box for receiving & disbursing Class Funds. The Treasurer was directed to obtain a cash card from BB&T Bank.


  • The Class also discussed the need to possibly limit Donations & Expenditures to a specified percentage (%) of the Class Treasury. After a brief discussion this item was tabled for the next meeting.


  • Bernard Carree provided the Treasurer’s Report as a balance of $3,747.45 for December 2021 with deposits of $210 and no disbursements. The ending balance as of 12/31/2021 was reported as $3,957.45. Funds totaling $100 were deposited in January, producing a ending balance on 1/31/22 of $4,057.45


  • The Meeting adjourned at 4:25 PM.