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Minutes 5/21/2022



Atkins High School Class of 1968

Meeting Minutes

May 21, 2022


Roll Call

Don Lawrence, Blondie Glenn, Don Jackson, Thomas Hicks, Andrea Bush, Linda Gunthrope, Sylvia Gwyn, Clementine Mauney, Future Williams and Bernard Caree.


Call to Order for Business & Opening Prayer

Quorum was met and opening prayer given by Andrea Bush


Status of the Treasury

As of the end of April, the balance in our treasury was $3,775.56.


Reading and Approval of April 23,2022 Minutes

Motion was made to accept the minutes. Minutes were accepted.


Unfinished Business\Updates

-A request was made for the address of our P.O. Box to send in dues. which was given as Atkins Class of 1968, P. O. Box 17376, Winston Salem, North Carolina. 27116.


-Cash App & Zelle

There are two plans being addressed: One is Cash App, which was successfully tested utilizing our bank account. A separate email account has been created for the exclusive use by the financial team in setting up the Cash App and Zelle accounts. The Cash App system has been tested, accepted by the Web Committee, and awaiting roll out.  The Zelle system is being setup with our bank and procedures are currently being written. The Systems will be presented at the June Class meeting for approval.



Further clarification concerning the $250.00 donation by Rev. Robert Williams towards $500.00, one time scholarship to the Firefighter Academy at Forsyth Tech was given by Bernard Caree and Sylvia Gwyn.


New Business

Benevolence Committee

A question was put to the Web committee about updating the In Memoriam. The committee is to get the names and information from the Benevolence committee and it will update the site. 

Also, the need for a secretary was repeated. We have until December 2023 to fill the position and we'll be electing new officers, so we need someone to complete the next year and a half as secretary,


Web Committee

The committee came up with a procedure for Cash App which was tested and found to be functional.  Current focus is creating the Zelle procedure and testing the App. Zelle and Cash App will enable the classmates to directly send their funds to the class bank account. We anticipate finishing the commissioning process and rolling out both the Cash App and Zelle electronic transfer programs, in June of 2022.


Transcription and publishing of the class minutes continues to improve with Otter AI, and the minutes from February, March and April are now online. Classmates wishing to catch up on class meetings during the past few months can view the minutes. Also, the the operating and training procedure for producing the class minutes are complete and ready to start training a new Class Secretary.


Special Events\Fundraising

The committee met and made tentative menu selections for the celebrations which will help determine the cost per person. The Committee also visited the park for the meet and greet event. The park was determined to be suitable and is the final location. The report on cost per person for this celebration will be presented in the June meeting


For the Good of the Class

Nothing to report.


Treasurer’s Report

As of the end of April 30. We had an opening bank balance of $3,741.45. We had dues paid in the amount of $60.00, and they were from the following people. Future Williams, Andrea Bush, Mattie People. and Cynthia Vaughn. We had expenditures in the amount of $375.89 which consisted of the reimbursement for the plaque given to Mr. Greer in the amount of $25.89. and we also paid $350 for the Maple Chase room deposit that left us an ending checkbook balance of $3,425.56. There was a difference of $350 between the bank balance and our balance because Maple Chase held a check until April 2nd. But we are in balance because the $350 differences is for cheque number 1090, which was the deposit paid on the holding the room for the 55th class reunion at Maple Chase. And with the $60 we received in dues this past month, we have a total of $180 paid in class dues as of the end of April. That concludes the Treasurer's Report for the month of April. So what's the what's this now?

What's the balance?

The Bank balance on April 30, is $3,775.56. Because the check that we wrote to Maple Chase had not cleared.  Our checkbook balance is $3,425.56. Which is this difference  $350 (Maple Chase) Check that did not clear in the month of April.


Next Meeting – June 25,2022.