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Minutes July 2022


Atkins High School Class of 1968

Meeting Minutes

July 16, 2022


Roll Call-

Don Lawrence, Blondie Glenn, Ruby Griffin, Thomas Hicks, Andrea Bush, Sylvia Gwyn, Linda Gunthrope, Donald Jackson, Future Williams, Bernard Caree, Thomas Hanes, Mary Thompson


Call to Order for Business & Opening Prayer

Quorum was met and opening prayer was given by Thomas Hanes.


Status of the Treasury

Bernard reported the balance in the treasury as of the end of June as $3,070.56.


Reading and Approval of June 25,2022 Minutes

Motion was made to accept the minutes The minutes were accepted.


Unfinished Business\Updates

- Zelle- Treasurer will go to the bank on Monday 7/18/22 to get recipient ID which will be Camels68.



Reunion Topics

  • Type of Events- The Meet and Greet location will be at the Hampton Suites on University on Friday August 18th. Church attendance will be optional.
  • Food for each event- A buffet or plated dinner at Maple Chase as well as the menu will be decided at the August meeting.
  • Number of Days (1, 2, or 3)- It was decided that the reunion will be a 3-day event, consisting of Meet and Greet on Friday, Dinner on Saturday and Sunday worship (optional).
  • Cost per Person
  • The cost is going to be $75 for all classmates, who  paid, their 2022 & 2023 dues by March 30th 2023.
  • $75.00 Plus $30.00=$105.00 Classmates that haven’t paid 2022 &2023 dues by March 30th. of 2023
  • $75.00 Plus $60.00=$135.00 for Classmates that have paid their dues with Spouse.
  • $75.00 Plus $30.00 + $60.00=$165.00 Classmates that haven’t paid 2022 dues by                     

March 30th with Spouse.                

  • $60.00 Any guest that’s not a Classmate for banquet only.


  • Motion made and passed in June that the President allocate from the treasury $1,500 towards reunion expenses.



New Business


Web Committee-Otter AI

Class approved the yearly subscription of the pro version of Otter AI. starting in July 2022. Walter Jackson and Bernard Caree are working on the details.


Benevolence Committee

Alfred David Sherrill memorial service to be held in July at the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Cleveland Ave. also to keep Andrea’s brother in prayer.


For the Good of the Class

Nothing to report.


Treasurer’s Report

For the period ending June 30, 2022. We had an opening balance of $3,070.56 There was no activity in the account during the month of June.


Next Meeting – August 20, 2022.


Adjournment – Meeting was adjourned.