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Minutes June 2022

                                              Atkins High School Class of 1968

                                                             Meeting Minutes

                                                             June 25, 2022



Roll Call-

Don Lawrence, Blondie Glenn, Ruby Griffin, Thomas Hicks, Andrea Bush, Sylvia Gwyn, Clementine Mauney, Future Williams, Bernard Caree, Walter Jackson, Thomas Hanes,


Call to Order for Business & Opening Prayer

Quorum was met and opening prayer given by Sylvia Gwyn.


Status of the Treasury

Bernard reported the balance in our treasury as of the end of May was $3,070.

Bernard also reported that on Friday June 24th he met with a Truist Bank official to set up a Zelle account for our class. The email address for the account is 68camelsws@gmail.com , at this time we have not established a recipient ID for this account. The account was not tested because the bank lacked WiFi. Additionally, Bernard reported if you go to our class website, and look at the message forum, you will see a collection of photos for the presentation of the $500 check for a one time scholarship for two African American candidates at Forsyth Tech for their firefighters program.


Reading and Approval of May 21,2022 Minutes

Motion was made to accept the minutes with minor corrections being made. Minutes were accepted.


Unfinished Business\Updates

- Zelle-Procedure has been written and awaiting testing and verification of the program.



The presentations of the scholarships to the two African American students selected will be in September of this year and awarded by the Dean of the School of Public Safety which is over the firefighters Academy.


Reunion Topics

  • Type of Events- We will have a dinner event at Maple Chase Country Club on Saturday, August, the 19th.The Meet and Greet location will be decided at the July class meeting.
  • Food for each event- A buffet or plated dinner at Maple Chase as well as the menu will be decided at the July meeting.
  • Number of Days (1, 2, or 3)- It was decided that the reunion will be a 3-day event, consisting of Meet and Greet on Friday, Dinner on Saturday and Sunday worship (optional).
  • Cost per Person – To be determined at the July meeting.
  • Recommendation from President on allocation from the treasury of an additional $1,500 towards reunion expense.


New Business

Web Committee-Otter AI

Class approved the yearly subscription of the pro version of Otter AI. starting in July 2022.

Benevolence Committee

Alfred David Sherrill, Joycelyn Johnson (Class of 1967) she was  guest speaker at our class picture dedication and our 50th reunion.

For the Good of the Class

Nothing to report.

Treasurer’s Report

We had an opening balance at the beginning of May of $3,775.56. We had deposits made to our account in the amount of $145, which consists of the following: dues paid by Al Hanes of $15. Dues by Mary Young Smith of 15 dollars. Dues by Eleanor Eaton $15, dues by   Walter Jackson of $15. We also had a $35 donation by Mary Smith, and a test deposit by Cash App that's currently in our account to be reimbursed to Walter Jackson in the amount of $50 which made a total of $145 in receipts for the month of May.

 We had distributions in the amount of $850, which consisted of our $350 reunion room deposit to the Maple Chase Country Club and Golf facility. And also disbursements in the amount of $500 to Forsyth Technical College for the Robert Greer scholarship. That leaves a balance as of the end May $3,070.56.


Next Meeting – July 16, 2022.