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Minutes - October 2020

October 17, 2020 Class Teleconference Meeting Minutes 


Atkins High School Class of 1968 

2019-2025 Theme: “Love One Another” 

Meeting Attendees:  

Bernard Carree, Edison Carter. Claudette A. Douglas, Blondie Butler Glenn, Thurmond Goins, Ruby Griffin. Linda Gunthrope, Sylvia Berry Gwyn, Charles Kennedy, Delores Webb Harris, Don Jackson, Walt Jackson, Linda Duncan Jackson, Don Lawrence, Clem Mauney, Larnettra Banner Richardson, Mary Gore Thompson. Future Williams, Robert Williams and Andrea Mickle Bush. 

Call to Order: Sylvia Berry Gwyn 

Opening Prayer: Rev. Charles Kennedy 

Treasury Report: Treasurer Bernard Carree 

As of end of September balance was $2044.85 

The bank balance at September statement close was $2044.85. Since statement close everything has cleared except Williams Memorial and Samaritan Ministry leaving a checkbox balance of $1844.85. 

Minutes of September read and approved. 

Old Business: 

Bernard reported on his research into using an online payment application to replace classmates sending checks to give a donation or pay dues. Bernard voiced concerns about using an online payment service. His concerns are the class class account would be specified as a business account. Business accounts are charged a 3% service fee.  How this impacts a class dues payment of $15.00 translates into a $14.55 for the treasury and a $.45 service charge. (If the class was using the online payment service in 2020 the treasury would have paid $18.90, in service fees, 42 * $.45).   Sylvia indicated it may be better to continue getting dues and donation payments by check rather than pay a service charge to use an online payment service. Sylvia indicated she would get with Bernard offline to discuss the issue of using an app to receive funds from classmates for the Treasury.  

New Business 

The survey of classmates to determine if the class would hold a 2020 virtual Christmas celebration ended in a tie of 8 ayes and 8 nays. President Gwyn polled classmates present at the meeting who had not voted to break the tie.  Meeting participants voted not to hold a virtual Christmas celebration. 

Committee Reports: 

Special Events/Fund Raising Committee: 

Clem Mauney and Don Lawrence reported the committee has not received any suggestions for the $300 Christmas charitable donation. It was decided all suggestions or recommendations for the class Christmas donation should be received by the committee by November 16, 2020 

Sylvia indicated If you know of a family that needs a power bill paid, or portion of a power bill paid to anything, something like that or a agency that needs that, we can contribute to, that would be another suggestion.  

There was a discussion about capping charitable donations at $600 for 2020 because the class is having no fund raisers in 2020 to offset class charitable gifts. Sylvia tabled the discussion about exceeding $600 cap on 2020 charitable donations. Charitable requests beyond the current 2020 charitable allocations will be discussed as the need for more charitable funding is required. 

Closing Prayer: Rev. Robert Williams