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Inspirational Messages

Take a moment for an inspirational interlude during our COVID-19 self isolation With Classmates

Bishop Dr. Jacqueline Cassaberry Hill

Associate Pastor

Macedonia Worship Center


Click to view Bishop Dr. Hill's Inspirational Message

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Click to view Bethbara Christian Church Pastor Charles Kennedy's  Inspirational Message,

(Note you do not have to create a Dropbox account to view Charles'  video)






Major Thomas A. Hanes, Retired

Chaplain, US Air Force

Click to view Chaplain Hanes' Inspirational Message


Bishop Waddell Cockerham

Senior Pastor, Retired

Greater Hope of Glory MBC

Click to view Bishop Cockerham and Family's Inspirational Message


Rev. Robert J. Williams, Jr.

Pastor - Williams Memorial CME Church

Click to view Pastor Williams' Inspirational Message